History and Intent of JAMSA

The Jamaican-American Student Association (JAMSA) at the University of Florida was established in the spring of 2004 by sophomores Kelliann McDonald, Safiya Smith, Kelli Murray, Maryorie Mezquita, Ruan Cox, and faculty advisor, Dacia Bowra.

The organization was founded in the hopes of creating a networking and communication tool for students at UF with special emphasis on students of Jamaican ancestry.

The organization is open to students of any race, religion, creed or sexual orientation and members may disassociate from JAMSA without fear of retribution. JAMSA members strive for excellence and we pride ourselves on professionalism and civility between our members and members of the numerous organizations on UF’s campus.

"Out of many, one people" is Jamaica ’s national motto. The motto stands for the unique diversity, but unity in the islands with many different cultures, religions and people. JAMSA members embody this unique motto. Our own motto, "Using cultural awareness to pave our path to success" speaks of our thirst for future success while acknowledging the labors and triumphs of our ancestors.